Manava Adhikar Sansthan

"About Us"

The Manava Adhikar Sansthan, which is completely autonomous body, seeks to raise human rights awareness in the state of Bihar, through the medium of art, public discourses and training. Human rights are the basic, fundamental rights of a man, laid down by the law of the land, without which man can be said to be free. The definition of human rights has come in for a lot of criticism of late with the rise of terrorism.

Basically, every human being is entitled to certain basic, unalienable, fundamental rights by virtue of being born human. Our Vision is for every person to enjoy the human rights enshrined in the Constitution of India, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and such other laws that may come into force from time to time.

We're an independent, autonomous body, completely free of religious dogmas, political affiliations and economic interest. We run on donations, generously contributed from the public and member ship fees. We will not stop till everyone can enjoy their rights.

We will continue our efforts till everyone can live in dignity. We will reach out to every nook and corner of the state to increase human rights awareness. Come with us on this journey to build a just, equitable society by contributing to our cause. With your support and contribution we will make the world better.